Recycling your old speaker system into an Airplay-enabled device

I have this old beast in my bathroom, with an iPod dock (old connector), radio antenna (which doesn’t receive inside the appartment), and (luckily) a jack input, that I plug into every morning. The thing can’t seem to die, and is quite powerful, so instead of trashing it, I’ll turn it into a connected speaker. […]

Let’s Encrypt : Free SSL certificates for everyone

A new Certificate Authority appears : Let’s Encrypt If you’ve not heard about it yet, a new Certificate Authority appeared recently, called “Lets Encrypt”. Backed by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG), it aims at securing the web by providing SSL certificates for everyone. After a bit of teasing, they just entered public beta, which […]

A minimal system for Kernel testing with QEmu

When I went to Kernel Recipes earlier this year, I watched a very interesting presentation on using QEmu for Kernel development. A few hours ago, working on Eudyptula challenge, I was getting a bit annoyed : The nvidia module was not working on my custom kernel, I needed to do a mkinitcpio each time I […]